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Our pets can't imagine life without us. We can't imagine that they could end up lost. Unfortunately, it happens. Your pet deserves a plan. With detailed specifics and a dedicated team available 24/7, HomeSafe™ is the vital resource your pet deserves in order to make it back home to you quickly.

We've helped reunite over 6,000 lost pets with their families

Here are some of their stories.

How it works

Your pet's tag is their ticket home.

Unique Identifying HomeSafe Code

Unique identifying HomeSafe™ code

Your pet's tag includes a unique HomeSafe™ code linked to their profile. You have the option to include your personal phone number, or include our 24/7 hotline. If your pet gets away, anyone who finds your furry friend can simply look up that code and create a Found Pet Report in seconds.

Linked Profile

Intuitive linked profile

The more information in your pet’s profile, the more helpful it will be in getting them home. Upload a current photo of your pet and include important details so they are easily identifiable.

Automatic Alerts

Automatic alerts

The moment you realize your pet is missing, you can sign into your account and create a Lost Pet Report. You’ll add details about where you last saw your pet, and ensure all of your contact and pet information is up to date.

Dedicated Dispatch Staff

24/7 dedicated dispatch staff

Our HomeSafe™ staff receives your lost pet alert, or a call to our 24/7 hotline, and gets to work on finding your pet. We collaborate with Facebook groups, local shelters and other animal services providers in the area to get the word out.

Power in Numbers
Power in Numbers

Power in numbers

In addition to our HomeSafe™ staff, your Lost Pet Report is sent to DocuPet members in your community. They'll know to be on the lookout and notify you or our HomeSafe™ staff if they spot your companion.

Our pets would do anything for us. Providing our pets with the HomeSafe™ service is a small, easy thing we can do for them.

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